Getting Started

What if I don't sell the minimum threshold?

No money changes hands until you’ve reached your minimum goal, and we print your project.

What price should I set?

Set a price that you’re comfortable with. You should also take into account some shipping costs

Promoting your project

How do I best promote my project?

Gauge the interest of your friends and family first. Unlike some Kickstarters, you’re not just asking for donations, you’re selling them a personal physical product.

Make a great video and write a story to tell people about yourself and your project

Fulfilling Orders

How do I ship my orders?

After your project is complete, we’ll provide you the information you need to ship your product to your customers


What fees are there?

Fees are only deducted after you sell the minimum threshold

Stripe fees – 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge

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