What is Makers Threshold?

Makers Threshold is a platform that helps product creators launch products with less risk and more certainty by connecting them with manufacturers while harnessing the power of crowdfunding.

By partnering with a manufacturer even before initiating a crowdfunding campaign, a creator can produce a better product with more certainty about costs, profit margins, and production times, resulting in a more successful product launch. By setting a minimum order quantity before production on the product can begin, creators can initiate projects without excessive financial risk.

You can read more about how Makers Threshold was born here.

Who is it for?

Currently, our focus is on print projects. We love working with creative artists, photographers, graphic designers, and anyone who has an idea for a unique printed product (posters, journals, books, cards, stickers, etc.).

Our goal is to ultimately expand our project scope to encompass other kinds of physical products.

How does it work?

First, creators will submit projects to Makers Threshold for review. Once a project is approved, the minimum order quantity and pricing will be set in consultation with the manufacturer. Then, the crowdfunding campaign will begin, with a set end date by which the minimum order quantity must be met.

If the minimum order quantity is met by the end of the crowdfunding campaign, the manufacturer will produce the project.

How does this differ from other crowdfunding platforms?

Many creators with great ideas look to crowdfunding as a way to generate the initial funding they need to produce a product. However, in many cases, these creators lack the manufacturing expertise to accurately estimate product costs and turnaround times. This often leads to products that are poorly produced, more expensive than anticipated, or extremely delayed.

Makers Threshold connects creators and manufacturers prior to the crowdfunding process so that creators can have access to all the information they need to ensure a successful and profitable product launch. Projects launched on this platform will be far more battle-tested than projects on other platforms because they will have been thoroughly vetted and priced out by the manufacturer.